About Us

We launched our service in 2007 and have already helped over 2000 students get into the private school of their dreams. We are a small team of dedicated individuals who aim to help students achieve the best possible results that they can in their ISEE and SSAT exam.

Our team currently has 6 members and all of us are parents. We understand the importance of a good education for our children which is why we launched this website in the first place.

Another one of our aims was to keep expert tutoring affordable while still keeping it of high quality. We know how expensive tutoring can be, even online tutoring can be expensive. We try to keep our prices cheaper than 1 hour with a private tutor.

Before we launched this website our founder was looking for private tuition for his children. Some of the prices were as high as $147 per hour and to cover all the topics at least 20 hours of tutoring would have been needed. This would have made a total cost of $2940 and lets face it, that sort of money is out of reach for most people.

Our service offers well over 500 practice questions, with more being offered all the time. On top of that we have over 8 hours of personal video tutoring recorded by expert tutors. In fact, our online tutors are well respected in their own right.

Heather Spiegel

Heather is a legendary test prep guru, professional writer, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude (Dartmouth), and Rhodes Scholar candidate. Heather will be your childs guide through the verbal, essay and strategy video tutorials.

Heather is a master instructor of the ISEE test, SSAT test and SAT exams, and will also guide you through the hundreds of interactive test prep sample questions.

Dr Ralph Georgy

Dr. Ralph Georgy, MA, PhD UC Berkeley will guide you through the Math sections covering over 100 topics including Algebra, Solving Word Problems, Geometry, Graphs, Fractions, Percent, Decimals, Prabability, Statistics, Distance, Volume, Measurement, and so much more.

While Dr.Ralph is a brilliant Mathematician, he is a renowned tutor because of his ability to make Math simple.

While Heather and Dr Ralph are the faces of our program the rest of us are behind the scenes ready to help. So please look around our website and know that our interests are the same as yours, to give your child the best help and tutoring possible.

To learn more why not read some stories from our satisfied customers and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.