About the ISEE Test

ISEE is the acronym representing, "The Independent School Entrance Examination". It is taken as a component of the admissions process for most private schools. It consists of three levels: Lower, grades 4-5; Middle, grades 6-7; and Upper, grades 8-11. It is used by private middle, secondary, and boarding schools, and also by military academies to determine student qualifications before admission.

The test is made-up of five levels, verbal and quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics achievement and a personal essay. The first four are included in your overall test score, however, the personal essay is not, but a copy is given to the schools where you request your test scores to be sent.

A national committee of admissions and faculty personnel and independent school directors nationwide, formed the specific guidelines pertaining to the ISEE for the Educational Records Bureau.

Testing for the ISEE is administered on varying dates, for specific answers, i.e., registration, fees, dates, times and all relative information, visit: http://docs.erbtest.org/pdfs/ISEE_Student_Guide_07_08.pdf

Your final test scores, including the personal essay, are usually available for release to the schools of your choice seven to ten days after the test's completion.

Before taking the ISEE, you will have to fill-out a formal application for each intended school; only one test is allowed per six-month period and the tester is not allowed to take practice tests.

There are no "passing scores" relevant to the ISEE, but it is a good idea to check the acceptable score level(s) for specific school(s) of which you intend to apply. You can do that by visiting these websites: http://www.educationplanner.com/ -- http://www.boardingschoolreview.com/ -- http://www.allprivateschools.org/

It is suggested that all future ISEE participants begin preparations as-soon-as-possible, meaning that it is never too early to start preparing.

Many students will be concerned about the Math requirements for the ISEE, and as with all entrance exams, that is a viable concern; however, Math requirements for this test are in line with traditional school requirements and comparative to the same grade levels, so relax and begin your preparations.

People who have attended private schools are perceived by many to be just a little more advanced than others, and private schools themselves connote an image of excellence. Acceptance into these schools could make all the difference in whether you are accepted into elite universities or colleges, in future career plans, as well as in your Life Goals. The ISEE is required for most highly ranked private schools, so it is best to relax, get organized and begin your preparations for the testing, now. Good Luck!