About the SSAT Test

SSAT is the acronym representing, "Secondary School Admissions Test". It is taken as part of the admissions process for boarding and military schools throughout the World, to determine student qualifications before admission -- a few private schools also accept the test. The actual test consists of two levels: the Lower and Upper Level. The Upper level is reserved for students from grade eight and up.

The test is made-up of four sections of multiple choice questions and a personal essay. It measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and reading comprehension.

The verbal section of the SSAT consists of sixty questions with a thirty minute time allowance. It measures the student's knowledge of vocabulary through two different question formats, one is made up of thirty synonyms and the other consists of thirty analogies, without requiring the test recipient to incorporate the criterion into complete sentences.

The quantitative section is made-up of two parts, consisting of twenty-five questions with the same amount of time allowed for completion, thirty minutes. This section checks the student's knowledge of general mathematics, in reference to algebra and geometry without requiring the student to quantitatively compare the test questions.

The third test section, reading comprehension, consists of forty questions with ten minutes of extra time to complete, forty minutes total. The student is expected to read and interpret short passages of specified reading materials to complete this section; nonfiction and fiction involving poetry and folklore are inclusive segments of the reading test.

The essay involves one topic and a twenty-five minute time limit. It does not become part of the overall score, but it accompanies the SSAT aggregate scores when they are sent to the schools that the student has applied for.

The final SSAT test scores and the personal essay are available to the schools that are applied to, approximately two weeks after full completion of the SSAT.

Testing for the SSAT is administered once a month seven months out of every year, from November to April, skips May and happens again in June, one more time. The SSAT testing locations are country wide. For more information, questions, or to register online, go to www.ssat.org, or get a free SSAT Students Guide from the SSATB, at 12 Stockton Street, Princeton, NJ 08540, phone 800-442-SSAT. With the students guide you will receive a test registration form.

It is suggested that all future SSAT participants begin preparations as-soon-as-possible, meaning that it is never too early to begin preparing.

People who have attended private schools are perceived by many to be just a little more advanced than others, and private schools themselves connote an image of excellence. Acceptance into these schools could make all the difference in whether you are accepted into elite universities or colleges, in future career plans, as well as in your Life Goals, so get organized and begin your preparations for testing, now. Good Luck!