ISEE & SSAT Lessons

Our program is broken down into two major sections. These sections are the interactive practice questions and the online tutorial video lessons. Below is a brief introduction to both these sections.

Interactive Questions

There are over 325 questions for the Middle Level and over 325 questions for the Upper Level Exam. After each question the tutors review the answer and explain how each answer was arrived at, reinforcing what the student already knows, or teaching the correct method of solving a potential question on the exam.

Video Lessons

You will have access to 20 videos and over 8 hours of valuable test prep material. In addition to superb teaching and review, Ms. Spiegel and Dr. Georgy provide tips and tricks that are guaranteed to improve your child's test score on their respective exam. They will learn crucial techniques to successfully improve their reading comprehension performance, and how to quickly identify hints in sentence completions and analogies.

There are also over 100 math topics that have appeared on previous ISEE and SSAT tests. We cover each of them in the videos and in the practice test questions. Visit the list of math topics covered.