Math Topics

In our program Dr. Georgy discusses each of the following topics in his 4 hour video presentations. Additionally, each of the topics below are covered in our interactive test questions, so you will get ample practice with every possible topic covered on the ISEE and SSAT.
Operations with FractionsCubes
Comparing IntegersRounding Off Integers
Operations with Monomials and PolynomialsDecimals
ApplicationsScientific Notation
Operations with RadicalsDiscounts and Price Increases
Areas of PolygonsSectors
Operatons with Decimals (Multiplying and Dividing etc)Distance Problems
Areas of PolygonsSimplifying Exponential Expressions
Order of OperationsEquations
Arithmetic Operations with Signed NumbersSimplifying Radicals
Percentage ProblemsEquivalent Fractions
Bar GraphsSolving Angle Problems
Base and height of TriangleSpheres
PerimetersFactors and Multiples
Central AnglesStatistics
Perpendicular LinesFinding a Percent of a Number
Changing Decimals to PercentsTables
Place ValueFinding Percent Increase and Percent Decrease
Changing Fractions and Whole Numbers to PercentsThe Mean or Average
Plane GeometryFormulas
Changing Fractions to DecimalsThe Median
Planes AnglesFractions
Changing Improper Fractions to Whole or Mixed NumbersThe Mode
Points LinesGraphs and Tables
Changing Metric Measures and US MeasuresTypes of Quadrilaterals
Changing Mixed Numbers to Improper FractionsTypes of Triangles - by Sides
Positive and Negative NumbersIntegers
Changing Percents to DecimalsTypes of Triangles - by Angles
Prime NumbersInvestment Problems
Changing Percents to FractionsUS Length Mesaures
ProbabilityLeast Common Multiple
Circle GraphsUS Liquid Measures
Proper and Improper FractionsLine Graphs
CirclesUS Weight Measures
Pythagorean TheoremMeasurements
Radius and DiameterMedian of Triangle
Comparing and Ordering FractionsWage Problems
Rations and ProportionsMetric Length Measures
Comparing Decimals and FractionsWord Problems
Reading DecimalsMetric Weight Measures