ISEE Sample

The ISEE is designed to examine your understanding and mastery of math, verbal, and analytical concepts. You are expected to be competent in all areas of these subjects up to your current grade level, and possess analytical skills that may illustrate your level of intelligence, or essentially, "How well does this student think?"

While the test makers suggest that students should not study for the exam because they should already know the material, test preparation is extremely beneficial for all students, and essential for most. Students that take the time to prepare for this exam have an almost insurmountable advantage over students that go in without at least some preparation.

Students should sit for the ISEE test, knowing exactly what to expect on the ISEE exam. While students may have taken some standardized tests in elementary and middle school, the ISEE is likely different than any test they have experinced. The ISEE test is challenging in terms of material, and time. Students that have extensive practice with ISEE sample questions, and have an opportunity to brush up on ISEE vocabulary, will have a distict advantage.

At we have over 500 ISEE sample test questions, and over 700 ISEE vocabulary words, that will help the student become extremely acquainted with the ISEE questions. Below you will find some samples of the material available to members, 24 hours a day. Our members have access to hundreds of math questions, reading comprehension questions, Sentence Completions and Analogies. Our material is geared for the Middle and Upper level exams.

Don't forget to check out some of our test prep questions in the samples section.