For over 2 years we have helped thousands of students achieve top marks in their ISEE and SSAT exams and get into the best private schools. Along that journey we have received feedback from many happy customers, please read some of them below:

We are extremely happy with the results we got from your program. Just to cover the basics our daughter was not doing well in her preparation. We had a tutor for her but it was expensive and she wasn't getting a lot out of it.

We enrolled her in your program and within the first week we already noticed a dramatic improvement. She ended up doing better than we ever hoped expected her to. We really need to thank you!
- Genevieve Alain

This is a really excellent website. We just signed up yesterday and forced my son to sit in front of the computer a try some of the practice questions.

He ended up staying on the site for over 2 hours and got through about 100 practice questions! Usually he just wastes time on the computer chatting with his friends on MSN so we were happy that he was doing something educational this time at least.

You can use this on the website if you like :)
- Julie Forster

I would just like to thank you and your team for all that you have done. My son had not prepared well for the SSAT before I stumbled on your site. And through your free practice questions we realized he was not ready for the test. I bought your product and he started working through all of the instructional videos.

Three or so days ago he received his results, he achieved a 2295 (in the 97th percentile) thanks to you.

Upper Level Score Range : 500-800
  • Verbal Score 776
  • Math Score 776
  • Reading Score 743
  • Total Score 2295
My wife and I have no doubt that a big part of his success was due to your website. We can't thank you enough.
- Omar H. Kasule


Thanks for all your help getting our account up and running. I just thought i'd email you back to let you know that my daughter sat her exams and we got her results back.

She scored in the 95% percentile which was so exciting for her!

Thanks again for all of your help in the beginning and we are so happy that our daughter will be attending private school without any problems.
- Stacey Ridowski

We are very happy with the course and videos that we bought from the website.

We actually used the account for our son (who is upper level) and our daughter (who is lower level) so it was a real bargain for us. The cost was the same as sending the kids to a tutor for just one lesson.

We really appreciate your customer service too :)
- Dan H.

I signed up my twin sons to your website and they sat through literally every practice question. It made a huge difference to their confidence, particularly the math sections.
- Jeremy Sleigh

I thought I'd send a quick email that you can use on your site if you want to.

This system is excellent, full of practice questions and even videos with actual tutors.

If anyone is on the fence they should really consider buying it, it is great value.
- Amy Pomdor

We spent about $2000 on tutoring for our boy before the exam, which was a lot of money.

Just came across your website and bought the package, so much great information. I'm sure he will get a lot of help from this and it is so cheap in comparison.
- Elly McMenemy

We got in to our 1st choice school. I don't think we would have done it without you.

Thank you!
- Mrs Fereras

My daughter usually struggles with math but she said the video tutor made the math seem easier. As a result she scored very well and we were able to enroll here into our first choice of school.
- Joann H

We are a fairly middle income family and sending the kids to private school is a stretch in itself. We loved your website because it had lots of teaching aids for our kids and was much cheaper than paying for a tutor.
- Lance Armanious